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We’ve heard them all, from exceeded deadlines to abandoned projects. In our 20 years of experience we’re only had successful projects. Our secret? Hard, passionate work

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About us

R.Y.L.L. ICON (Rooms You Love to Live In Construction) provides extraordinary service to their clients by offering an array of expertise including custom cabinetry and renovations as well as heating/cooling, electrical, plumbing and finishing services.   

R.Y.L.L. ICON works directly with its clients, allowing them to save time and money. By eliminating the middleman, R.Y.L.L. ICON is capable of providing “A Custom finish at a fraction of the cost”.  In return, its clients receive the highest quality at an “unbeatable price”. This benefit has afforded clients an advantage to own unique products such as kitchens, baths, basements etc., retailed at $30,000 for as little as $8,000.  AN AVERAGE SAVINGS OF 30-60%!!!!   

Since 2005, R.Y.L.L. ICON has been able to offer clients a finished product beyond their expectations. Since it primarily operates on a referral basis, the quality of its work has to speak for itself. This method has allowed the company’s business to increase by 40% as well as expand both state and nationwide. Their clients speak highly of the employee and management teams; here are just few of their testimonies.

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Custom Cabinetry

Project Consultations

Why Choose Us?

Always on Time

Time management in construction means organizing activities and implementing conscious time frames to these activities. The main purpose of this strategy is to enhance the proficiency and productivity of workers. 

Good Experience

We understand design well enough that we can spot problems or mistakes early and make decisions about what materials to use or how to schedule different phases of the project, which is critical.



Managing work sites, developing estimates and negotiating prices, performing quality control, and reaching out to prospective clients

What Our Customers Have to Say

I recently came to your company for my bathroom to be remodeled. My experience was most satisfying.  You were diligent in making sure that everything went on schedule. Very professional and I didn’t have to worry about being screwed over.

In an age when so many companies don’t seem to care about customer service any more, RYLL ICON comes through, with a smile. I am one satisfied customer, and will continue to be for years to come. Thank you for your time. If I ever know anyone who needs anytime of work done I well definitely give them your name and number. I appreciate you."

Sean McGee

"In 07/2011 I had an occasion to do business with RYLL ICON to do work on my kitchen.  This is just a note to let you know how pleased I was with the service I received. Your employees were especially helpful.  In this day and age good customer service is often difficult to find, and I feel it is important that it be recognized.  Thank you for your commitment to good customer service. Keep up the good work. I look forward to working with you again.”

Robert/Joanne Martin

RYLL ICON’s dedication to customer service and satisfaction is evident in everything they do with emphasis on communications is also apparent in their scheduling and coordination skills, which have aided them in timely progression of this project. Your employees have a solid understanding of the work to be accomplished and they stay on top of the processes to ensure a smooth and continuous flow. They work diligently at all levels to coordinate with all parties to ensure no service interruptions and minimal disruption. The professional manner in which you approach the construction process and the phasing requirements makes them the ideal construction partner.

The work that you did to the backyard and basement was way beyond what I expected. The vision came together thanks to you and your crew.

I could not have hand picked a better company to handle this very important job. RYLL ICON has on numerous occasions met my requirements and on a timely manner. I would personally recommend this company to anyone in need of a contractor.

Stephanie Williams

Build Your Dream Project with our Trusted Team

We’ve heard them all, from exceeded deadlines to abandoned projects. In our 20 years of experience we’ve only had successful projects. Our secret? Hard, passionate work


Call us: 313-654-2014

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